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08/02/08: The Crossdresser .com
TGirl in Vintage Schoolgirl Uniform with Saddle Shoes

Katie really takes her crossdressing seriously, and goes all out to make sure her outfits are perfect down to the last detail. Especially her schoolgirl uniforms! Katie's newest update to The Crossdresser .com is a vintage photo set in another of her spectacular uniforms. I wonder where she found all the old schoolroom props, but even more I wonder where she found those high-heel saddle shoes. Those have to be one of the sexiest pairs of shoes I've ever seen, especially paired with argyle tights and a plaid jumper. And of course Katie's rock hard crossdresser cock poking out of her panties just completes the picture!

08/01/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
Candi the Guest TGirl

Candi is visiting Zoe and puts on a special solo performance. This blond crossdresser is hot!

07/28/08: Luci May
Racey Afternoon

Luci is just asking for trouble as she walks through her lush outdoor garden in nothing but her girdle and stockings! It seems she really enjoys the sun on her bare tgirl skin though, and pretty soon she's putting on quite a show for the camera.

07/28/08: The Crossdresser .com
New TGirl Model - Nikki

Katie has added a new model to her site, The Crossdresser .com. Nikki is a cute little redheaded cumslut, and it sure shows! Even from just her first collection of photos - she creams her girly panties, does a self-facial, and ravashes her tight little sissy hole with a big dildo. What more could you ask for? Other than more pics of course ;) Make sure you check out Nikki, exclusively at The Crossdresser .com.

07/22/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
Zoe Gets Stood Up!

I can't believe Zoe actually got stood up on a Saturday night, but don't worry, she made good use of her time by doing a video of herself all dolled up with nowhere to go.

07/21/08: Luci May
Pretty Green Nightie

Luci just woke up in her light green summer nightie and decides she's really horny! Watch as her see-through nightgown flows over her beautiful crossdresser body while Luci rubs her cock through her panties. Finally she can't stand it any longer and pulls out her bulging member.

07/18/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
Zoe and Candi having Tgirl Sex

Zoe's always got new playmates on her site. This time it's Candi, a gorgeous blond tgirl in black thigh highs. Candi and Zoe don't waste any time getting down to business!

07/15/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
Crossdresser Dancing

Zoe puts on a slutty performance before going out for a night on the town, dancing and stripping for the camera.

07/14/08: Luci May
Summer Breeze

Luci's out for a stroll on a summer day in a mini skirt and pantyhose. I bet that breeze feels nice blowing up her skirt, caressing her nylon clad thighs . . . And it sure looks nice lifting the edges of her skirt to show her hard t-girl cock!

07/12/08: The Crossdresser .com
Girl Pays for TGirl Prostitute

In case last week’s photo set wasn’t enough incentive to join The Crossdresser .com, here is the video that goes along with it. And damn is it hot! This is some of the highest quality crossdresser sex I’ve ever seen, and trust me, I’ve seen a lot! You can really tell this tgirl is struggling not to cum all over the nice pussy she is fucking for the entire set, and unlike some tranny models, Katie doesn’t seem to have any problem staying hard while pounding her fellow prostitute. And nothing against the awesome cumshot photos that topped off last week’s update, but it is really something else to see this crossdresser cumming in real time! Those huge wads of cum are the real deal, you can see each and every drop spurt out of Katie’s rock hard t-girl clitty, yum! Something tells me Katie likes this video too . . .

07/07/08: Luci May
TGirl with a Hypnotic Mess

Luci found a file on the internet that is supposed to put you in a deep hypnotic trance. So to try it out she watched it while videotaping herself. You'll be shocked at what Luci does in front of the camera while under the control of the trance!

07/06/08: The Crossdresser .com
Girl Pays for TGirl Prostitute

Wow, what a photo set! Looks like Katie got back together with her old girlfriend or something - Jade hasn’t been on the site in awhile, but here she is paying for crossdresser sex! She really has a nice pussy, and Katie’s tgirl cock fills it up quite nicely. They even compare the size of their clitties in this set, though I’m sure you can guess who wins when she whips her big 8 inch cock out of her panties. Katie tops off this tgirl set with classy cuban heel thigh highs, and ends it with a nice handjob from Jade resulting in a giant cum splatter on Katie’s black shirt (and some nice drops on Jade’s fingers)

07/01/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
Crossdresser with Big Dildo on Stairs

Zoe is such a slutty tgirl! She was on her way to her bedroom to play with her new double-sided dildo, but couldn't even make it up the stairs without stopping to try it out!

06/30/08: Luci May
Crossdresser Masterbating in front of her Webcam

Luci's "special" friend was out of town, but she promised to keep in touch with him on her webcam. I wonder if all of Luci's friends get special private tgirl shows?

06/28/08: The Crossdresser .com
Video of Katie Cumming in her Sock

You should really check out this crossdressing video - it’s amazing! I barely made it through to the end without shooting a load in my pants . . . and then watching Katie lick her own cum out of her sock and play with it on her tongue before swallowing her big sticky mouthful of crossdresser cum put me over the edge! Good luck making it through this video, even Katie apparently had a hard time with it!

06/27/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
Crossdressing Housewife

Zoe is behaving in this set for once, playing a good little housewife. This t-girl is even doing the ironing . . . though she gets distracted by her hard cock before she can finish!

06/24/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
TGirl Strutting around the House

Zoe can get hard doing anything, even just walking around the house in her thigh-high nylons. Once that fabric starts rubbing on her crossdresser dick, it pops right out from under her skirt!

06/23/08: The Crossdresser .com
TGirl Eating Cum from her Sock

Katie’s at it again, this crossdresser just never stops (and I’m glad she doesn’t). I’m pretty certain that each of her updates just gets hotter than the last - in a couple weeks I’ll probably be blowing my load just looking at the preview pic! Katie’s rock hard tgirl clitty sticking out of the hole in her pantyhose looks great in this set as she gives herself a footjob with little lace anklets.

06/23/08: Luci May
Punishing a Genetic Girl

Real girls just think they can get away with anything, but not when Luci's around! This t-girl sprays down a naughty girl to teach her a lesson.

06/17/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
TGirl Getting some Real Man Sperm

Tgirl cum may be great, but sometimes they need a dose of the real stuff. Especially after being brutally fucked by a giant dildo! What better time to cover Zoe's face with spunk?

06/16/08: Luci May
Punishing a Crossdresser

Uh-oh, looks like Luci didn't do her chores! Watch this poor crossdresser get spanked with a nasty looking cane.

06/13/08: The Crossdresser .com
Crossdresser Gagging on Master's Cock

Alright, one thing that makes Friday the 13th bearable - Katie has posted another update, and it’s super hot! (I know, when is this crossdresser not super hot?) Anyway, in this set my favorite tgirl is being taught how to properly choke down a long cock. Boy do I wish I was her master in these photos, I’d love to teach that gurl a thing or two with my cock! She’s wearing a schoolgirl outfit again too, I’m starting to think that’s her favorite look, but it definitely suits her. She mixes it up a bit here though wearing nylon thigh highs and cute little socks.

06/10/08: Zoe Fuck Puppet
Crossdresser in Full Pantyhose Encasement

Here's something new and fun, Zoe is wearing pantyhose head to toe. Don't worry, it doesn't keep her from playing with that big tgirl cock she has!

06/09/08: Luci May
TGirl Doing Homework

Luci doesn't like doing her homework - she always gets distracted by her big hard clitty poking out of her panties! And who can blame her, this crossdresser looks hot in her schoolgirl uniform.

06/07/08: The Crossdresser .com
Photos of a Crossdresser Blowjob Orgy

Katie’s done it again, another incredibly hot crossdressing photoset. I love this gurl. And it’s even hotter when she includes her friends! I counted at least three cocks in this set poking out from under little skirts . . . plus another cock that looked like an ordinary guy (wonder how he got so lucky!). Katie is definitely the center of attention at this party!

05/27/08: The Crossdresser .com
Video of TGirl in Cableknit Socks

Now here's an awesome t-girl video if I've ever seen one! Katie is wearing these fuzzy knee-high cable knit socks with another of her schoolgirl skirts and a pair of super cute maryjane shoes. But it gets better! While she's all dolled up, she sticks a big curvy blue dildo up her tight crossdresser ass. She obviously loves this toy, because she instantly starts oozing pre-cum from her throbbing sissy clitty. Don't miss her facial expressions as this toy penetrates her, they are priceless!